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Spilldoc 240 Litre Oil Spill Kit


12 units x Oil Absorbent Boom 1.2m x 76mm
200 units x Oil Absorbent Pads 200gsm
15 units x Biohazard Waste Bags and Ties
2 units x Safety Goggles
2 Pair x Oil Resistant Gloves
2 units x Full Body Coverall with Hood
2 units x N95 Mask
1 unit x 240L Spill Bin with Wheels, Yellow Lid
1 pcs x Spill Kit Instruction Sheet


  • Light-weight, pre-cut pads used for absorbing leaks, drips, and spills

  • Commonly used to skim oil spills off water surfaces

  • Place pads around machinery, under leaky pipes of fittings, in messy traffic areas, or anywhere you need to ensure your facility is clean, safe, and compliant

  • Also ideal as wipes for daily maintenance and repair operations to remove unwanted working fluids on machinery and equipment

  • Applicable for both indoor and outdoor environments


Drilling & Cutting Fluids  Oil-Based Plants & Solvents
Gasoline, Diesel & Fuels Hydraulic & Brake Fluids
Engine Oil & Transmission Fluids Lubricants


Use our Oil Spill Kit 240L to control and clean up large-size spillages involving oil, fuel, diesel, petrol, and petroleum products.  Oil spillages have to be responded to as soon as possible for the safety of workers and the protection of the environment. SPILLDOC® Spill Kits are packed with absorbent pads, socks, and PPEs to handle nearly any type of oil and fuel spills. Appropriate PPEs such as oil-resistant gloves, splash-proof goggles as well as disposal waste bags are provided for proper disposal.

These self-contained kit stores sorbent products for easy access as needed for spill control. It saves time when a quick response is necessary. Easy handling and tough nylon bag provide sealed and secure closure to protect sorbents from moisture, dirt, and damage.

With an absorbent capacity of up to 240 liters of spill, our Oil Spill kit is a perfect solution as an emergency spill response solution required for medium oil spillages. It can be used at construction sites, oil fields, trucks and buses, mechanical workshops, factories, and more. In addition, these handy clean-up kits provide a complete solution to accidental spills of oil or fuel on the water.
These kits can be stored on board the ship or at a strategic location in a marina or on a dock.

If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can also customize our Oil Spill Kit to your exact specifications including the container, its contents and accessories.


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