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Double Mounted Personal Eyewash Station EEW-First 2

Model: EW-First 2
Type: Double Mounted Eyewash Bracket with Saline Bottle
Bracket Material: ABS Plastic Material

Product Features

  • The bracket holds the bottle firmly and it can be dismounted easily whenever required.
  • Saline solution can be easily replaced after use.
  • The bracket comes with a mirror allowing the user to clean their eye or face without having the need some assistance.

1. Easy to install: Choose a suitable place and use hardware like screws to mount on the wall.

2. Convenient to use: The special setting base can be easy to take off eyewash bottles. Once open the bottle top, it can be used right away. This unit provides first aid for emergency accidents.

3. Simple to operate: Clear and visible Operation instruction sign and symbol on both setting base and eyewash bottle, it is easy to read and operate.

Use our Double Mounted Personal Eyewash Station for an immediate response to remove toxic or harmful substances. Eyewash with saline bottles works best in workplaces where space is limited. The saline solution works as first aid during an emergency where chemicals or unidentified substances need to be flushed out immediately from the eyes.


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