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Spilldoc Oil Containment Socks 3m x 76mm 10pcs/pack

Dimensions: 3m x 76mm
Packing: 10pcs/pack

Compliance – EPA | MARPOL


  • Oil Spill Socks a strong mesh outer sleeve encases a poly sock skin filled with highly-sorbent polypropylene which repels water while only absorbing oil and other hydrocarbons.
  • Absorb Oils, Repel Water & Filler won’t shed and Booms won’t sink, even when saturated with oil.
  • Connectors link booms together with overlap, creating a containment system big enough for almost any spill, A nylon rope and sturdy hardware ensure long-lasting durability and easy retrieval.
  • Contain and Soak Up Leaks or Spills
  •  Provides a quick and efficient cleanup to help protect the environment from contaminants. Suited for short term use.
  • Color-Coded- White
  • Color-coding helps you visually identify the right sorbent for your needs. White designates Oil-Only sorbency and makes it easy to identify when saturated.
  • Floating Oil Boom are temporary floating barriers used to contain marine spills, protect the environment, and assist in recovery.


Drilling & Cutting Fluids  Oil Based Plants & Solvents
Gasoline, Diesel & Fuels Hydraulic & Brake Fluids
Engine Oil & Transmission Fluids



Oil Containment socks are used as a barricade on waster and land surfaces to prevent spreading of the spillage and also soak up oil contaminants.

These oil and fuel thirsty absorbent socks are able to absorbs and retain oils and oil based liquids including lubricants, fuels and crude oil, without absorbing a drop of water. Oil Containment socks keep absorbing and stays afloat even when fully saturated and have built-in clips to join booms together for the desired length.

Spills happen no matter how hard you try to avoid them. Forklifts knock over drums, tanks are punctured and transporters leak and drip. It is important to have the right sorbents on-hand when these spills occur to eliminate the slip-and-fall hazard. A quick response is the first order of business and your best weapon in the fight against oil spills.

Containment socks are used to control the spread of oil to reduce the possibility of polluting land and other resources. Socks also concentrate oil in thicker surface layers, making recovery easier.


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