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Part Number: BSSSDC2.5

Disposable needles, scalpel blades, and other sharp items capable of causing injury must be placed into puncture-resistant containers (e.g. sharp containers) located as close as possible to the area in which they are used. In addition used needles should never be recapped, purposely bent, broken or otherwise manipulated by hand.

Use our sharps disposal kits to protect yourself and others from potential accidents and create a safe working environment for everyone.

Sharps Containers are designed with safety features for safely disposing of all the sharp devices and objects such as syringes, needle, scalps and etc. Our Sharps Containers are manufactured according to British Standards BS EN ISO 23907:2012. 

All medical and healthcare institutions are also required by law to dispose of all sharps in proper sharps containers. Improper disposal can result in both civil and commercial penalties. This patented product is safely used in various medical environment. We provide different sizes of Sharps Containers that suit your requirement.

BuiltMaterial: Polypropylene Heterophasic Copolymer

Safety Features:

  • Resistant to penetration
  • Resistant to impact (Easy body weight push lock cover)
  • Resistant to heat (up to 130'C)
  • Clear warning labelling
  • Leak, spill & pilfer proof Aperture Cover (Tri-ribbed anti-leak locking system & interlocking base of cover for firm stacking)
  • Non-obstructive handles
  • Safe, strong & economical

Disposal Method: Incineration

Suitable for clinics, hospitals, research institutions, tattoo shops, veterinary and other healthcare establishments


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