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Part Number: SDSB80

Introducing the spill bin with wheels - an efficient spill containment solution designed specifically for oil and chemical spills. With a convenient capacity of 80 liters, this mobile spill bin offers reliable containment, easy transportation, and enhanced mobility for industries dealing with hazardous substances.

During oil and chemical spills, quick and effective containment is essential, and the spill bin with wheels excels in this regard. Equipped with integrated wheels, it enables effortless transportation and swift deployment to the spill site, facilitating immediate response and containment. Its robust construction and watertight sump ensure secure containment, preventing the spread of hazardous materials that can pose significant environmental and safety risks.

The 80-liter spill bin with wheels is specifically engineered to handle smaller-scale oil and chemical spills or areas with lower spill risks. It is an ideal choice for facilities with limited storage space or those working with moderate volumes of hazardous substances. Despite its compact size, this spill bin offers reliable containment and easy maneuverability.

By incorporating the spill bin with wheels into spill response protocols, businesses can efficiently manage oil and chemical spills, mitigating risks and minimizing environmental impact. It's mobility and moderate capacity facilitate quick containment, preventing further contamination and potential harm. This promotes regulatory compliance, safeguards personnel, and protects the surrounding environment.

Choose the spill bin with wheels, featuring a practical 80-liter capacity, to enhance your spill response capabilities during oil and chemical spills. Its easy mobility, sturdy construction, and secure containment system make it a valuable tool for handling hazardous substances. Prioritize effective spill management with a solution that combines convenience, reliability, and efficiency, ensuring workplace safety and environmental protection.


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