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Spilldoc Chemical Absorbent Pillow
45cm x 45cm 10pcs/pack

Dimensions: 45cm x 45cm
Packing: 10pcs/Pack

Compliance – EPA | MARPOL


  • Absorb strong acid, strong base, solidifying liquid, and other unknown liquids.

  • Hazchem absorbent pads have been designed to help personnel manage acid, base or unknown liquid spills safely with minimal waste and clean-up time.

  • Characteristic- Dimpled & Laminated with spun-bond fabric.

  • Color-coded yellow easy identification

  • Our chemical (Hazchem) absorbents are inert and will not degrade or chemically react with absorbed liquids.

  • Note: Ideal for use with battery acid but not compatible with higher concentrations of sulfuric acid.


  • Usable for any indoor, outdoor, and/or hazmat application.

  • Ideal for potential high-capacity spillages or catching persistent point-leakages (e.g. collection, reservoirs, and troughs, underneath pipelines or valve openings of machines where potential spill surge occurs).

  • Pillows can also be placed under Spill Containment Pallets for easy clearing of drips and leaks from storage containers above the pallets.


Aggressive Chemicals & Hazardous Fluids Acids & Bases
Sodium Hydroxide
Oil & Solvents
Water based fluids Battery Acids


Spilldoc Chemical Absorbents also known as Hazchem absorbents are ideal for cleanup and maintenance of the inevitable leaks, drips, and spills involving strong acids, bases, and any unidentified liquids. These liquid-thirsty absorbent pillows are ideal for use at industrial facilities, workshops, warehouses, factories, hospitals, laundries, and laboratories. 

Absorbent Pillows have higher capacity, larger surface area, and great capillary abilities to soak up fluids quickly. 

Tough, chemical-resistant polypropylene cover resists chemicals and tearing and holds fluids within, even when saturated.

Color-coded yellow for easy identification, our chemical absorbents are inert and will not degrade or chemically react with absorbed liquids. 


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